Wednesday, September 19, 2007

just a few pics. first--my anna--who will be turning 8 in not too long. the first picture is of the lunch she packed herself one night. i just happened to check it to see what it contained and i was actually happy that the apple made it in that mess of junk food heaven! then the day that she picked out this outfit. i just loved her leggings with her headband and bow. and the bedtime story she told me the other night. i always hear a similar version of it but this night was over the top, even for anna. here it is: once there was a princess named david (insert anna's giggling here) and a handsome prince named dallas (more giggling) and there were three evil stepsisters named taylor, carson and haley (giggle). and there were 3 good beautiful sisters named; me, me and me! i think there is a writer in our family.

in other good news. taylor has become a vegetarian. i say good news cuz this is just one more step in my plan to having at least one child become a democrat. and we all know that the next step after becoming a vegetarian is to start voting for democrats! ha ha
of course when she first told me this last week i gently reminded her that one must actually like vegetables in order to be vegetarian. LOL
and that becoming a vegetarian doesn't mean you can survive on top ramen and flaming hot cheetos. but the best part was informing her that her ramen noodles are BEEF flavored. "but there's no MEAT in them" was her retort. and then we have her dad trying to tell her that vegetarians eat turkey and chicken because those aren't "red" meat and so therefore aren't really meat at all. can you blame me for wanting a liberal in this family?

and when my good mood returns ( i think i have one somewhere) i will post a picture of my new haircut and color. the vegetarian merely looked at me and said it looked the exact same as before, whereas the rest of the family took one look at me and reacted the same as if i had just told them that i'm adopted and i don't eat cookie dough!

live long and prosper...L


Shanna said...

Honestly......Sometimes I wonder how we are even friends. Wanna hear what I had for breakfast? Eggs...Sausage...Bacon....and some fried taters mixed with some seasoned beef. Yah....I pretty much ate the whole damn barnyard this morning. Oh....and some red seedless grapes cuz ya gotta have some fruit.

brianne said...

Notice, Shanna's grapes were red. Explicitly reminding us of our need for red meat. Oh, how I love Anna's story. Sorry you lost your good mood. Maybe you can find it in a little carmel apple cider from Starbucks:)

Dust and Maddy said...

You are so stinking funny. Your whole thing just cracked me up.

I loved the lunch, the Vegetarian story, the bed time story and your wrap up was priceless! Can't wait to see pictures of your haircut! I hope you paid a lot for it. That's one thing us Democrats do well ;p

I had oatmeal for breakfast -- does that make me crunchy enough?

angieinpink said...

lol to vegetarian-ness. very comical paragraph. the whole freaking thing was funny.

and cute little leggings. tdf.

Ashley Harris said...

Too cute. The lunch was classic kid! Too funny! You seriously crack me up! Hope all is well with you and I can't wait to see the new do!

Kerry said...

I love the vegetarian story!

Thanks for the pictures of the doggies swimming too! :)

I think Piper is jealous!

dydrmLinda said...

I'm rooting for your quest to get a democrat in your house! We need as many as we can get!

Oh, and I love your blog template too! Blogspot only offers kind of boring ones. Is there a way to import templates? Trying to learn my way around this whole blog thing.

laura said...

i don't know - all that indoctrination sounds kinda like child abuse or somethin'! :P

love the fairy tale!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am so impressed by your ability to be you, at all times and in all situations! Even if you are adopted! LOL
(I love that I was in on that info, and could back you up with our very surprised friends!)

Nicole said...

I'm a vegetarian too..well David's kind that doesn't eat red meat, but chicken and turkey and fish are okay. I must be a Republican :)

Beth said...

This post was hysterical! Thanks for the stories and laughs! :)

And I love your outdoor adventure idea- can't wait to hear what your next trip is!