Tuesday, March 06, 2007

so--first off--to respond to my daughter's comment below--hello--you didn't tell me it was a SECRET and only 2 people read my blog besides you! ha ha

so i am happy to say that since yesterday i have been eating healthy, drinking lots of water and exercising! me and max have walked twice now and the pic above is him cooling off after our walk this morning. yeah--it's so hot here at 60 degrees!

carson took the pic of me and jake--she took some of max and i too but i had my camera on the wrong settings so they didn't turn out. isn't jake da bomb! i kid you not--he is one spoiled puppy!

so now the last pics--anna's drawings. the first one is of jake that she did at school. the last one is one she did at the restaurant the other night--i notice david snickering and then he asked anna to share her drawing--she holds it up and says--it's you mom. oh yeah--couldn't figure that one out--then of course they (my family) all laughed it up good. nothing like having a bunch of wise a$$es in the family.

oh--and kerry went to the scrapbook store the other day and DID NOT buy the new heidi swapp idea book. where's the heidi love k-dog? i had to guilt her into going back and getting it and buying one for me. i was like--k-dog--bust yo ass back to that store and get me that book--and go ahead and pick one up for yourself! ha--i'm just kidding kerry--you got me the book, right? love ya!

i also picked up some much needed pictures from costco and hopefully i will finish a layout tonight and start another.

oh--and in case you heard a "rumor" about my daughter getting married--keep it on the low down--down low--no doubt...L


kdawg said...

Huh? Somebody is getting married? I haven't heard a thing! ;)

LMAO about the pictures!! Boobs! That is FUNNY!! But look how nice and perky they are! You look like Pamela Anderson!

Stop with the cute puppy pictures. Don't you know I can't get another puppy until Missy is gone? You are killing me here!!! (Not that I'm counting her days, you know. But she has gotten to the grouchy old lady years and wouldn't appreciate a puppy.)

Sorry about the book too. :( If Shanna hadn't gone and bought one, there would be another one left. How's that for guilt?

Lisa said...

both you and shanna are going down!

Anonymous said...

it's K-DAWG. not dog. you whitey!

signing anon cuz blogger is stupid

Beth said...

Oh- congrats on the secret-engagement-that-I-know-nothing-about!! :)

No more puppy pictures till I have one; I'm jealous!!

HS has an idea book out? Really? How the heck does she have time for that?! Between having babies and making babies and putting on conventions and painting bedrooms two shades of Pepto Pink...I'm in awe of the woman and her drive.

Lisa said...

michelle--don't make me bust a cap in yo ass with my nine!

yo daughter in da crib said...

wow. thank you all for your support! Jake is really cute!

laura said...

ok, that dog is damn cute!!!

and i hope you did the right thing and hung up your daughter's pictures on the refrigerator. y aknow, to encourage the blossoming artiste and all! *snort*