Thursday, March 15, 2007

can't sleep .not fun. but while i was lying in bed trying my hardest to go to sleep i kept thinking of all the funny phrases that have been used in our family. sayings that just sort of became part of our daily lingo. so here they are in no particular order (cuz i know you're just dying to find out!)

1. show me the money
2. peace out
3. i' m gonna have to bust a cap in yo ass with my nine
4. gimme some knuckle
5. say hello to my little friend
6. no touchie
7. escoppy (escape)
8. go
9. bloody hell
10. shalom

now everyone go to sleep...L


Beth said...

5. say hello to my little friend

Please, please tell me this isn't David's way of making his move on you... ;)

Kerry said...

LOL! We use a few of those too! Except we'll say, "Get all Saprano on yo ass!"

Great. Now I'll be thinking of more today too.

Aren't movies and TV shows great for this stuff?

Shanna said...

Hey.....where's the rest of the "Shalom" phrase??????????? ROFLMAO GO TO SLEEP BIZNATCH!!! I wish I had your problem!

Lisa said...

beth--that made me laugh out loud! um, no. still funny, but not applicable. i did forget a few though...who's your daddy and of course every line from the wedding crashers!! ha ha

owner of this blog said...

oh and of course i forgot another fun one started by kerry--happy sabbath! i love it.

Dust and Maddy said...

You are the funnest mom!

brianne said...

you forgot 'flagstaff bombing':)

Anonymous said...

That is funny stuff LISA! Tammi

laura said...

you are crazy.