Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i am going to post some pics i took for my final in photography class. it was such a learning experience and i almost feel like i have more questions now than when i started. i have learned a lot but now feel like there is so much more to learn...these pics were taken in skull valley, a tiny town about 15 minutes west of prescott. so much charm and so rural. the first time i saw it i knew i needed to take pictures of it. so i did.

conversations in the car part II--

anna: i want to be a veterinarian when i grow up.

me: that's sounds good.

anna: i want to be a veterinarian and a mom--i can get a babysitter to watch the kids when i go to work.

me: you can do whatever you want, sweetie.

anna: i'm not going to have a husband though.

Carson: you have to have a husband to have kids anna.

anna: no--i don't want to shoot a man.

me: well, sometimes things happen.

carson: you don't have to shoot your husband.

me: however...

anna: no, i don't want a shooter man.

carson: you mean you don't want a hunter?

anna: yeah.

guess it's hunting season here in prescott...L


brianne said...

yeah, tell anna to stay away from hunters. that's best:) love the pics!

Anonymous said...

I think she has a good idea! I love those gas pump pictures! AWESOME JOB! Tammi

Beth said...

Neat photos!

"Sometimes things happen." ?? What are you teaching your children?! Nice! ;)

kerry said...

LOL!!! That conversation cracked me up!! - and for what it's worth, I have the same concern as Beth! Haha!

Do you want to know what is sad? I saw those pictures and thought that was Skull Valley before I read your post! We used to go through there A LOT! It is such a neat little place.

There is one farmhouse that I especially loved driving by. Then the little area where the gas station and a little antique/restaurant thingie is.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures Lisa! And I have to say that conversation totally made me laugh! Your family is HILARIOUS!!!