Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, in light of my King Kong review I thought it only fitting to share some of my favorite movies. Not much of a movie goer for a few reasons: a) most movies suck in my opinion, b) the ones that I deem to be non-sucky are the movies that no one else will go to with me. I used to have a friend in Mesa that would go to all the arty, foreign language films with me but after she moved I had no one again. You can pretty well guess that no one sends me to the video store to rent the movie! That’s why netflix has been so wonderful—I can pick whatever I want and watch it by myself or talk David into watching it with me. So if you are a brave soul and haven’t seen some of the below mentioned movies—give them a try—you will either love them too or you will come to know how demented I truly am (as if you didn’t know earlier.)

In America—love this movie—actually dragged david to the movie theatre to see this when it came out. Beautiful story of some irish immigrants trying to make a new life—semi-autobiographical and the two highly talented girls in the film are sisters in real life.

Saturday night fever—was too young to see this in the theatre when it first came out. This is my all time favorite movie. It has everything in it—music, dancing, john Travolta when he was hot and the best coming of age story ever. Yeah—the language is real bad. Still love it.

Life is beautiful—my second favorite movie. Cried my eyes out in this. It deserved the oscar that year.

Run, Lola run—german movie with the girl who went on to star in the bourne identity movies. David hates this movie. I love it—the techno music, the off beat story line and the premise. Recently watched it again thanks to netflix (david didn’t stay up for this!) Must buy this movie.

American beauty—this is how I love my movies—dark, deep and fantastic acting. Pretty sure it won awards—it deserved them.

The godfather—parts one and two—like most everyone I find that whole mafia life completely fascinating. These movies just draw me in like no other.

Young Frankenstein—I gotta have one comedy in there—it doesn’t get better than this—plus I have some good memories of watching this with my family. Absolutely love the whole cast of this movie—good old fashioned comedy!

Awakenings—favorite scene in any movie ever—when Penelope ann miller dances with Robert deniro—if you don’t cry during that then there’s no hope for you.

Oh brother where art thou—my wife done R-U-N-N O-F-T!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am very shallow when it comes to movies. I don't think I have seen any of the movies you mentioned. A good teeny bopper prom movie and I am there. Tammi

Beth said...

Awakenings and American Beauty are the only two on that list I've seen.

I'll have to add In America to my queue- it looks interesting. I went to IMdB and read about it. Here's your random learned fact for the day: the sisters got to call "cut" and "action: in every scene to make the acting easier for them. Pretty fun for them. :)

Lisa said...

beth--you have to read about how they were cast. the little one did a reading and then went and stood by the director's side and asked why he was letting someone else audition for her part. then when he said she had the part she said I have my sister in the car. too cute--and they are absolutely the cutest in the movie!!

Kristi Smith said...

oops...I commented on the wrong comment went on the post before this one...sorry...just gave my dog a bath and he is sleeping on my lap and I am typing with one hand=D!

Shanna said...

ummmmmmmmm.....yah....I thought we were sisters divided at birth. Totally rethinking that one now!

Amy O said...

I actually liked King Kong, but pretty sure I am the ONLY one!

Here's one for ya to add to your netflix list: "Life as a House" (2001) with Kevin Kline, Hayden Christiansen, and lots of others. LOVE this movie!

laura said...

great list, lisa! i love a lot of those movies, too. life is beautiful - that movies is too painful to even watch. i couldn't even leave the theatre after it was over - i was sobbing so hard. in america was great too. :)

laura said...

oh, and i went to a speech by the real doctor from awakenings when i was at USC. very fascinating!