Tuesday, August 08, 2006

so i am back from the lovely state of Oregon. I don't know how or when but I will be an Oregonian some day! I am hoping sooner than later because David loved it too and the little town of Gearhart was made for raising a family. ocean, mountains, cool weather and green, green everything. everyone was crying on the night before we headed back. pictures will be forthcoming as the blogger is not being cooperative with me for some reason!

girls started school today. taylor had her first day of jr. high and it went well--much less scary than she thought! she loves her math teacher and saw old friends and met new ones. so relieved. carson and anna started at their new school. david and i decided to put them in a private school that we found here that we fell in love with. they were both beaming when i picked them up. carson has only 9 kids in her class including herself! they both get to go swimming once a week for PE and Carson has a spanish lesson every monday. Anna said that her teacher was very nice and didn't yell at anyone. is there anything better than a teacher that doesn't yell? haley starts preschool tomorrow! if you here a loud sound around 8 a.m. that would be me right after dropping off all children at school. it's been a lonnnnnng time since i had any days to myself. I'll let you know how it gets spent!

David and i celebrated our 12 year anniversary yesterday. very low key as we had just gotten back from oregon. 12 years. longer than my first husband. not without it's own trials. in 12 years we have had 4 children, 3 homes, 3 layoffs, 2 career changes, 1 death, 2 children leave home, happy times, sad times, anger, joy, good, bad--you name it. well, we're both still here trying to make it all work. most of the time it does, the other times you just hang on until it gets good again. marriage is a lot of hard work. i read a quote on a blog awhile back and it said that life is hard, marriage is harder! so true. but so worth it in the end. totally got lucky to get it right after being given another chance. love ya honey--happy anniversary...L


Kerry said...

I am so glad that your girls LOVE their schools! I still can't believe you have one in jr. high now. Wow.

Oregon sounds awesome! If you move there, you have to build a guest house in your backyard. You know all of us are going to be visiting. Heck, it can double as a 'scrap house.'

Happy Anniversary to you and David! 12 years! That is great.

Beth said...

Yeah- and make it a big guest house, cause we'll all probably bring the kids and move in for the summer; k? Beach, cool weather, mountains, your meatballs, crack, and you- what could make for a better summer vacation? :)

Congrats on getting the girls happily back to school and 12 wonderful years!!

laura said...

happy anniversary! :)

i LOVE gearhart - what an awesome town. i can't wait to see some pictures! welcome home.

SHanna said...

Lucky Lady. On Oregon and 12 years! Love ya girlfriend!