Tuesday, February 01, 2011

i made a goal with myself once a month to sort of sum up the month in the life of me and the girls and take a photo as well. so at the end of the year me (and whoever else wants to) can see how everything evolved. see where we started at the beginning of 2011 and see where we end up when it closes. as you can see i waited to late to get a photo of everyone so this month will be just me.


the year started with a bang! literally. this was the first year that i can ever remember fireworks being sold in AZ. and sold LEGALLY. dallas was here and we all stayed up and tore up the backyard with our pyrotechnics. it was oodles of fun.

also this month, on the 19th, i turned 48. it coincided with graduate school starting so there was not much of a celebration. however, i took the whole week to do some mini celebrations with lunch at places i enjoyed, i ordered season three of dexter, and the book 'water for elephants,' and i treated myself to a midday movie--black swan. i joined the gym a few months ago and have lost ten pounds.

i started graduate school. i got my intern placement at Mesa Prep Academy and work there one day a week. Last week was my first day and all day all i could think of was--this will be me someday. i will have my own class. i love teaching, i love school. i was incredibly happy with the choice i made to get my masters in education. only a year and a half to go.

the girls are growing up on me. i cannot stop time. my baby turned eight and got baptized last month. anna will be starting young women's in october. taylor does nothing but think about where she will go to college. chicago or japan? who knows next week. carson is toying with the idea of going to law school. all my girls are so beautiful and lovely and smart. i'm very lucky.

this month taylor got her driver's permit. it has been lots of fun to see her learn to drive. she is doing really well. panic attacks are down to a minimum. she even makes left turns now without hyperventilating. carson gave a beautiful talk in church and i got called to be haley's primary teacher.

now on to february...L


Nicole said...

Wow, Lisa! Congrats on the job and the losing weight! So is Mesa Prep an elementary school or Jr. high??

Lisa said...

Mesa Prep is a charter high school. i work with 6th, 9th and 10th graders.

Kerry said...

This is such a wonderful post! I love that all of the girls are doing great and sound happy! And YOU TOO! I am so proud of the positive changes you have made. You are unstoppable. LOVE the haircut!!! You look amazing!!

Kaelene said...

Yay for Primary!! You will have some fun there! :)