Thursday, November 04, 2010

My new favorite show. I don't know what I like most about it. The writing, the characters, the storyline. It's all good. Especially Michael C. Hall. Who plays Dexter. I think the C. should stand for 'come to momma.' seriously...L


Brianne said...

Please tell me this is not your version of hotness.

Anonymous said...

when mike comes home, we are going to start watching this from the first episode. I can't wait!


Nicole said...

I finished the first season. Wow..I am watching the second season now. My favorite look on Dexter is the one you have in the picture. This is his "Bad Boy" clothes. His collared button down seersucker shirt with his dockers are when he is playing the good guy. I am with ya Lisa..Come to Mama!! BTW, Mad Men still wins out for me, even though I love Dexter..There is something about Don Draper that gets me. You have to Netflix it next!