Sunday, May 02, 2010

happy sabbath and horoscope for today:

Take time out today to change the things in your life that need restoring, lisa. Explore your emotional needs and find ways to satisfy them. You may need to adopt a radically different approach in order to get where you need to go. Even if things seem unstable at first, they are likely to smooth out and be much more dependable in the long run. Be an individual instead of just another cookie from the cutter.

Definitely there are things that need restoring in my life. I'm officially divorced now. I haven't done a lot of things specifically just for me in a long time. I have mainly focused on my children and my education. While I won't quit focusing on those I do need to take care of myself as well.

Dallas is home! Sweet happy day. He is busy getting enrolled at ASU and finding a job. The girls and I are loving having him here. He's a tremendous help and a ton of fun. I'm hoping he can endure the copious amounts of estrogen floating around this house.

OK--so at the girl's elementary school every friday they have some jamba juice and other fun things to buy extra at lunch time. Haley asks for $2 because that is what jamba juice costs. Last friday she asked me for $4 because she also wanted popcorn. I gave it to her and a couple of minutes went by and Anna says--why do you need $2 for popcorn? It only costs .50 cents. busted. Haley got this funny grin on her face and needless to say she didn't get $4. something is telling me my sweet innocent baby is growing up. shoot me now...L


Brianne said...

That is hilarious! I miss my family:(

Kerry said...

LOL! Busted. I can't believe that is Haley in that photo.

Oh and I love the orange trees in the yard!!!