Friday, March 19, 2010

spring break is almost over. brianne and logan have gone home and we miss them already. It was so fun to have them here for a whole week. We had fun with jeff while he was here and got to celebrate his birthday. some of the fun things we did this week--we went to alyssa's reception. so cute and fun and they had a sundae bar--my new favorite wedding reception treat i think. brianne took jeff to tia rosa's and to carolina's in downtown phoenix for a birthday treat.

i got little logan almost every morning so his momma could sleep in. so fun to have a new baby early in the morning when all is quiet. we went shopping--c'mon--what do you think a family of almost all girls is going to do? we went to tempe marketplace, we ate ned's krazy sub, serrano's chips and salsa, red velvet cake for jeff's birthday, brianne did makeovers on all the girls and we went to usery pass and hiked up the wind cave trail. not all the way up mind you, but half-way. i promised to take anna and haley back one morning to do the whole thing. afterwards we went to cracker's and had red velvet oreo bread pudding. do you see a theme here? that is hand's down the best bread pudding i have ever had. must.go.back.

i also did around 20 layouts. all of logan when i went to utah when he was born. now to just get them bound in a book. i enjoyed my week off of school. not too excited to get back in the swing of things but i am on the countdown for sure. i will graduate this summer. so happy...L


Brianne said...

I miss you and the girls so much... and the red velvet bread pudding. Thank you for everything! You are the best mom, don't be too hard on yourself.

Nicole said...

What an awesome spring break. And that little guy of yours is precious. So happy you are on the countdown!! I think I need to join you on that crackers excursion.

Dust and Maddy said...

OH.MY.GOSH! He is ADORABLE! Seriously, so cute. Did you just spend the entire time trying not to eat him? YUM!

Kaelene said...

Your grandson is ADORABLE!!!! Without question!!
I sure wish I could've met him . . . maybe next time!!
I am excited for you to be done with school . . . then you can help me! HA HA HA
call me sometime! I don't have your # since my POS phone took a numbers dump!! :(