Thursday, January 21, 2010

I definitely need these today. raining cats and dogs here. all the retention basins are flooded and tempting football playing teenage boys. I started classes this semester and they will keep me busy, busy, busy. I have literature and film (fun), travel writing (interesting), career development for english majors (informative) and writing a personal history (daunting). I was telling Dallas how much reading and writing i would be doing this semester and then remembered i am an english major. oops.

yes, I am a grandma! little Logan is a week old now and i enjoyed going back to Utah and helping take care of the new baby and brianne. although truth be told all i really did was try to hold logan as often as i could and dream up ways to sneak him home with me! he is darling and sweet and perfect and i will post pictures as soon as his momma and poppa have sent out their announcements and blogged about it themselves.

back to homework and fireplaces and visions of sweet rainboots...L


Dust and Maddy said...

WHERE ARE THE BABY PICTURES????? I'm not talking to you until I see some!

Beth said...

I'm with Maddy- post some photos already!