Sunday, December 06, 2009

because nothing says AZ winter like orange trees! i have started making my christmas album pages with my december pictures. quite fun. Shanna was here yesterday with baby Chloe making me and my girls happy! what a sweet little girl. so fun to see shanna. i miss her. fun to do some things that we used to do back in the day--shop at scrapbooks, etc. and eat mexican food. sigh. i miss my faraway friends like shanna and kerry. but after a nice evening with shanna i came home to a nice talk with carson. my future angelina jolie. carson wants a lot of kids but doesn't want to actually give birth to them. she wants to adopt. so last night we are talking about it and i'm like--carson--you know if you adopt you won't be able to breastfeed. at which point carson yells out--um, yeah--that's one of the highlights!! lol

happy sabbath...L


Nicole said...

I love the orange trees..What a great idea for a Christmas card! I also am proud of you taking a picture every day..

Anonymous said...

That photo makes me miss it there so much! As much as I am enjoying the cute flakes falling outside my window right now.....a hammock and orange trees in the desert is what I am used to! Only you should be on that hammock eating Filabertos or something. haha.

I love your daily photos! Keep them up! They are all great!

I miss you too my friend.

Anonymous said...

Blogger won't let me sign in. Grr. I feel kind of strange being anonymous!