Tuesday, December 02, 2008

it's unusual for me to blog more than once in a week. now that i have started working i don't have a lot of time for things. in fact while i am writing this i still need to make lunches for everyone, pay bills, make birthday invitations and clean the kitchen. not to mention a few other what-nots. and i'm tired. and last night i sent a whiney, cranky, PMS-y email to kerry basically saying boo hoo i'm tired and cranky and i know i should be grateful for so many things but i'm not in the mood.

but today i found out that Dallas got a scholarship to BYU. for winter, spring and summer semesters. and i was ecstatic. and very grateful and thankful. and he got a job too. cleaning. no lie--at BYU. so i am humbled and grateful for blessings. happy for a great son. happy for a kind heavenly father. happy for friends who listen to me and help me out. the one sticking his hiney out in the photo--that's a scholarship award winner...L


Brianne said...

I am so happy for Dallas!!! Dang it, he's replacing me as the favorite child.

MASawyer said...

Hooray for Dallas! And for your pocket book too.

Nicole said...

Way to go Dallas and Lisa..You know you had a little to do with that :)

Tracie Farmer said...

Hi, my name is Tracie Farmer, I live in Las Vegas, and we have a mutual friend her name is Shanna Vineyard (some of us know her as Shanna Lamb).

I have an idea and I am hoping for just a bit of help. I have been friends with Shanna for over 14 years, she is one of my greatest lifelines. I check in with Shanna daily through one of her blogs, Etsy shop, or send /receive emails daily. She is one of my most creative, hilarious, Dr. Pepper addicted friends I have. And yes she will probably kill me. But the crumbiest thing has happened, her computer crashed last weekend, and as many of you have noticed POOF no Shanna :(. I know how upset she has been about having to treck down to the library, and heaven knows when she has the time with a new baby, 5 girls and the childcare kiddos. I am missing the "Shanna Vineyard" element in my life.

In light of this holiday season I have decided to forego sending Shanna a Christmas card and instead I am going to send a little computer donation of 4 or 5 bucks to her Paypal account.

Maybe, just maybe if enough of us do this we can save a few trees and get Shanna back to blogging and posting some beautiful cards and craft ideas.

Please respond if you have any better ideas or tips, and forward this to anyone you know that loves our dear friend Shanna.

I hope there aren't any objections and hopefully this can be a sweet surprise the next time she trecks to the library and signs into her Paypal account!!!
All you need to do is make a payment at www.paypal.com to Shannalamb@cox.net.

God Bless
Happy Holidays
Tracie Farmer
(Shanna's friend from Vegas)

Kerry said...

Congratulations Dallas!! You are lucky that I'm so many states away or I'd want to pinch your cheeks. You make your momma pretty proud.

Great photo lisa! LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT. Congrats to him. Take care, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

That's so awesome! YEAY for Dallas. It's OK to feel cranky and whiney -- trust me!!! I'm just glad you had something to perk you up!

Beth said...

Yay for Dallas! Congrats on the scholarship and the timing!! :)

Anonymous said...

i am proud of you dallas. but stick to women -- please.

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