Thursday, November 13, 2008

a few things while i have a spare minute. taylor got her haircut. so cute. she looks like she is ready to join a rock band. i got paid. yay. i did not mop in vain. also at work yesterday i got to drive a 27 foot truck back from anthem to our store. pretty cool. it was fun to have a 'break' from the normal job for a while. work is going well. i am so grateful to have a job that i can do basically while the girls are in school. it worked out perfectly for me. and keeps my weekends free. since i have a photo shoot this weekend and a scrap class to teach it will be busy.

i made some cards this week. a friend of mine up here owns a cool boutique in downtown prescott and she has agreed to try to sell some of my stuff in her store. so wish me luck. the weekend is almost here. and tonight i am going to remember to watch 'the office.' later...L


Beth said...

Congrats on the paycheck! :)
Good luck with the boutique sales- I bet you'll sell a ton!!

Brianne said...

Look at you wonder woman. What a fun weekend you have planned, I can't wait to see you!

Kaelene said...

How cute is that haircut?? Joan Jett wanna be, huh?? LOL
Rawkin' card and good luck to you, with that!

Kerry said...

I love your cards. They are always so pretty!

Very cool about the paycheck! You go girl! I bet you have some pretty tough upper arm muscles thanks to uhaul! Who needs to join a gym right?

Taylor is so freaking adorable. That haircut is so perfect for her!

How was ashfork?