Saturday, September 06, 2008

music--it's a big part of my life. i can't even imagine what life would have been like to have had itunes and an ipod as part of my life growing up. i would have loved it. but a lot of today centered around music for me. today i was feeling grumpy and needed to clean my house and work on a scrapbook for my sister. so i turned the music up loud and was listening to it all day. i remember brianne asking me what i did to handle stress. i told her one thing that i do and that works is i go sit outside with my ipod and listen to my favorite songs. it always helps.

my girls went to the first dance of the year. it was the coolest thing. i had to write it down before i forgot. it started this week when carson bought her ticket for the dance. she told me that a boy had asked her to the dance. actually he had his friend ask for him. and when carson told him no she heard the boy go back and tell him that she had said no. then carson said that she heard the boy tell his friend "go back and beg her!" how cute. my baby being asked to a dance. it's so weird to see my next generation of girls becoming young women.

so taylor and carson both went to the dance. each of them brought friends home from school and it was so funny to see the difference between my girls. carson and kylie choosing their outfits and curling their hair and putting on makeup and getting ready. taylor and isla sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching spongebob until aproximately 10 minutes left to go. no hair fixing, application of makeup or changing of clothes. so wildly opposing those two girls of mine.

then on the way to the dance taylor and her friend were talking about how they would love it if they played all '80's music at the dance. i told them if they had gone to my dances thats what they would have heard. it was funny because kerry and i had been talking about music and old shows from our youth today. so taylor mentions how she would have loved to be an "adolescent" in the '80's. what a crack up.

well carson and kylie didn't have their dance tickets so i walked to the school with them to make sure they could get in. music is blaring and i watch my girls go in with nary a look behind. i wanted to sneak in so bad. first--to just jump into that music and let it carry me away with the rhythm and to dance and enjoy life. second--i wanted to watch my girls--to see how they enjoyed themselves and see life from their angle. their were a few other parents there and i could hear them telling their kids to have fun. i'm sure this was the first dance for some parents too. when i left i turned the music up loud in the car and listened to the b-52's and talking heads. and i swear i was about to OD on the nostalgia. remember "pretty in pink" and that scene with molly ringwald and annie potts where she has her old prom dress on and is reliving her prom? i swear that is what i felt like.

when i picked them up they all had had a great time. carson got asked to dance by a boy she likes. and her and her friends went over and danced with a boy that was not dancing with anyone. and taylor. well, taylor. a boy asked her if she went to this school and she told him no that she just came to the dance for fun. she's starting to scare me with how much she is like me.

i was so glad that they had had such a good time. it made me happy. happy for youth and sweetness and innocence and simpler times. ahhh--whoever said youth is wasted on the young was right...L


Kerry said...

Yeah, the 80s were cool. Soooo totally cool. (Except maybe some of the fashion choices) But awesome cars, music (back when MTV played VIDEOS!!) I liked the 80s. Sigh. Now I'm all nostalgic.

I love the dance stories! Those are great, and the girls all look so big. Oh my gosh, I was always so afraid to go to a school dance!!

Go listen to some angry NIN. Green Day is good for some anger too. Then bring it on down with a little U2...

Lisa said...

i forgot to add that while i was up by the front and the girls were going in a young girl came up and was dressed in this cute black dress with leggings and she had streaks of pink in her blonde hair. i told her how cute she looked. it makes me happy to see people express themselves without worrying about what others think.

Kerry said...


Shanna said...

Kerry! Are you kidding? Plz tell me you're kidding!!!!

Did you never see the original Parent Trap movie? Haley Mills? My girls LOVE that movie and I did too as a kid! I love watching old movies with my kids!

Great post Lisa! Your girls are turning into little women! Crazy!

Love the extreme differences between them. That was Deanna and I and it will be Bailee & Macey too!

So funny.

Dust and Maddy said...

WOW! The difference between the girls is AMAZING!!

Kerry should be smacked for not knowing who Hayley Mills is.

Let's get together, ya ya ya!

Brianne said...

Oh my, I don't want them to grow up. They are so cute though. Will you please send the girls to live with me, I need them! I'm way excited for my card!!! You're an angel.

Kaelene said...

Time flies even when we're NOT having fun, huh, Lees?? (I'm referring to the housework part!)
Love 80s nostalgia . . .and I used to love MTV when it was about the "V"!!