Saturday, July 19, 2008

oh it's been a crappy week here for me. i'm not going into it but let's just say PMS had a little to do with it as well.

but on to happier things...i'm grateful for my friends. friends who listen and cheer me up and try to make me feel better. friends that are always there for me. you all know who you are. and i love you. because even when you feel you are all alone--you have friends that make you feel that you aren't alone.
so kerry sort of dared me to do a layout yesterday. she showed me a cute layout on karla's blog and told me i should do it. of course i told her no. but late last night when i couldn't sleep i looked at karla's layout and decided to go for it. the reason? the other day haley and i were in my room and i was holding her on my lap. it was almost time for bed and i started talking to her about starting kindergarten and tears came to my eyes. for 3 years it has been just haley and i. all the other kids were in school and so haley and i just did everything together. she was always perfect and there wasn't a reason to not take her with me. so i told her i would be sad to see her go off and leave me. but she is so ready for school and i know she's going to love it.

so kerry, thanks for inspiring me to do something creative. and i even hand journaled! i hope everyone has a great weekend...L


angieinpink said...

ok: so sweet.

thanks for inspiring me. i need to make my layouts for class next week & now i feel like scrapbooking...thanks to you slash kerry. (:

Kerry said...

Have you ever noticed how good I am at challenging OTHERS when it comes to scrap stuff, and then I sit back and watch?!? Haha!

I'm glad you listened to me though, because Karla's layout reminded me of you, and your version turned out GORGEOUS.

See, now if Haley was as obnoxious as Matthew, you wouldn't have been crying sad tears during that conversation abaout kindergarten. ;) They'd be joyful ones! Haha!

Life is good. And someday we'll all live in Pottery Barn houses with a soda fountain on the back deck.

Brianne said...

That makes me sad that she's going to kindergarten. She's too little. I'm sorry you had a bad week:(

Beth said...

I was right there at that point a year ago. I was so bummed to lose my youngest daytime companion to kindergarten. Like you two, Erin and I had been constant buddies for three years as well.

I was rejoicing by day three and wondering why the heck I'd been so sad beforehand. ;)

Now it's definitely time to lay the pressure on Brianne! ;)

Kaelene said...

Great layout! I ♥ ♥ ♥ the handwritten journaling! Nice product placement, too! Do you know someone who sells stamps??? LOL

Kaelene said...


Nicole said...

I am going to feel the same way with Josh...I still have one more year of babyhood...Then he will be a big Kindergartner next year :)