Thursday, October 18, 2007

had myself and adventure today. not of the fun variety really. more of the humiliating painful kind. i was asked to do a demo of a crock pot recipe in front of a group of church women. so i had to do it not in a kitchen but out in the basketball court area. so i brought all my stuff already pretty prepared except a can of apple pie filling that had to be opened. as i am talking and opening i was tearing the last of the lid of the can off and just fling apple filling all over me. then as i get back to business of adding ingredients i look down to see the table with large drops of blood. well, i have had 2 bloody noses in the past 2 days so i am thinking i am having a nose bleed--all over my demo dessert. then i look down and realize my thumb is covered in blood and dripping A LOT!

so i kind of announce to everyone that i cut myself and run to the bathroom to wash it off and put a paper towel around it. which i do and by the time i get back and start up again the towel is bloody. so i get the dessert made and tell everyone that this will go home to my family (no blood actually got in the crock pot). but i got recollections of the snl dan ackroyd parody of julia child where he is cooking and cuts his hand off and is just gushing blood everywhere. that's kind of how i felt.

meantime--someone gives me 2 bandaids and by the time i got home those were soaked. i had at least an inch gash. thank heavens i got a tetanus shot this year! anyhoo i ask dave to take a look at it. now for the backstory--when anna got her head split open for the 2nd time the hospital gave dave the superglue they use instead of stitches. so of course the first thing dave wants to do is "glue" it. no thanks dr. evil. then he wants to sanitize it. guess again monkey boy. finally he gets the iodine package out of the first aid kit and wraps it on my thumb and covers it with 3 bandaids. i took it off tonight and washed it and replaced it with one of those bandaids with antibiotic on it. but it is sore and hurts to bend my thumb. ouch.

i am off tomorrow to scrap with my homeys. but i thought i would post some layouts i did before we left for disneyland. run, my peeps and good times were scraplifts. peace out and go buy some pumpkins for me...L


Kerry said...

OMG! That is what makes me hate cooking! It is dangerous!!!

Good thing your finger didn't fall off.

Nobody told you that you were standing there dripping blood?!?! Did they think it was some sort of Halloween stunt? Man, those people in Prescott. Whats up with that!?!

Cute layouts!! But you already know I love them!

Anonymous said...

Love all the layouts. I am so clumsy in the kitchen my husband always cringes when I use more than a butter knife. Take care, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

I love that peep paper!

And did the injured thumb incident happen while someone was commenting the whole 9-11 thing and Monica being jewish by any chance? You were just so shocked that you had to slit something??

Anonymous said...

I love how you FLAUNT your buttons, on your layouts!! Why don't you tell everyone, "I have a whole big jar, and you can't have ANY!!"
Hee hee - love them anyway!

Sorry about your bloody thumb! Did you take a picture??? LOL