Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hey! I need a bit of advice or help from you guys. There are two less active women that have been divorced for about a year and Iwas wondering what could I do to help them and to help them come back to church. I would really appreciate your guys input and I know it will help. Well love you all so much and Iam thankful that Heavenly Father let me have a family like you guys that guided and protected me in my life. Thanks for everything: It means soo much to me now.

the latest email from my son. i love that boy. i miss that boy. i'm very proud of that boy...L


Michelle said...

Yeah, You did good with that one alright!

As for Dallas, this is my advice (did you ask for it??? LOL)
Be there for them. Live your life the best you can and do what you can to lead by example. Beyond that, simply ask them if they would like to join you on Sunday. If they are ready, they will. If they aren't, just remain there for them. Eventaully, they will, through your example, find the desire and need to return. Even if they return long after meeting you, the love you give them will forever touch them and will guide them back to Him.

God bless!

laura said...

no advice, but you definitely did something right with that boy. you have every right to be proud! :)

Shanna said...

Ya done good mama! Could we get a recent photo posted of Dallas? Wink!

Amy O said...

Wow... you should be proud! I think boys like that are few and far between!

Beth said...

Awww; what a good boy! Keep him away from Shanna!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, he is a GREAT KID! Tammi